Dean of Students

Any general requests and inquires should be sent via email to

The Dean of Students is your advocate and resource to help maximize your success at Georgia College. The Dean of Students serves as an advocate for student needs and interests and offers students a place to bring questions or concerns.

The Dean of Students also provides support and guidance for students and families if a personal emergency occurs.

Faculty and staff colleagues also rely on the Office of the Dean of Students for questions and consultation regarding students of concern (CARE Team) and/or students who may have violated the Student Code of Conduct or the Honor Code.

Finally, the Dean of Students collaborates across all areas and constituents within the greater university community to enhance the student experience.


Please use this form to make a report to the CARE Team.

CARE Team Report Form

Reporting an Incident

Please use this form to report an incident on campus. 


Hardship Withdraw Process

When students experience medical or psychological emergencies that impede their ability to successfully remain enrolled at Georgia College, an administrative withdrawal can help students focus on healing without harming their academic record. 


Requesting Incompletes

Here's what the Catalog says about requesting grades of "I" (Incomplete):

A grade of "I" indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work, but for non-academic reasons beyond the student’s control was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. An I grade must be satisfactorily removed during the next semester of enrollment or by the end of one calendar year if not enrolled, whichever comes first, or the symbol I will be changed to the grade of F.

An incomplete grade may only be assigned if:

  1. the student was doing satisfactory (passing) work at the time of the request, and
  2. the student was unable to meet the full requirements of the course due to non-academic reasons beyond the student's control

The process of assigning an incomplete grade will include the following:

  1. normally the student requests the incomplete grade from the instructor before the completion of the course, and
  2. the student and the instructor complete an incomplete grade agreement form approved by the instructor and the instructor's department chair and file the form with the Office of the Registrar.


Grade Appeal Process

To file a grade appeal, please refer to this document: